The Maison Helios offers a wide range of beauty treatments for everyone’s happiness: massage therapy, wrapping, baths and facial treatments. Our specialists will make your getaway at the Gaspésiana a memorable experience.


Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists will treat you with all the care you deserve. Whether it is for relaxation, to release tension or to fulfill your battery, our specialists will do what is necessary to ensure an absolute vivifying experience.



Seaweeds and essential oils are everything you need to extend the relaxation. Our wrappings encourage slimming, add tone and hydrates skin.



For an ultimate relaxation experience, enjoy our bath and our wide range of oil selection. Let the aromas blow you away and take advantage of their numerous natural benefits.


Face Care Treatments

Our facial treatments consist in a deep skin cleaning. We also provide an exfoliation, an extraction of the comedones, a lotion application and a mask application. Our aim is that your face looks as healthy and as pretty as possible.


Feet Care Treatments

This care consists of a treatment of callosities, corns, dermal tearing and dry skin. Feet are one of the most important parts of the body. They transport and they support us. Why not treat them with all the care they deserve?



Take care of your nails! Our manicures mainly focus on embellishing your nails by pushing back cuticles, by filling and by hydrating them. Then, choose amongst a wide variety of nail polish.


Hair Removal

You need a wax treatment? Ask our professional team. Our beauty specialist has just what you need.

Many other treatments and cares are available. Have a look at Maison Hélios’ website for further information.