La Maison Hélios Health Center

Located in the heart of Sainte-Flavie, La Maison Hélios Health Center offers a mix of relaxing body and beauty treatments. By marrying nature’s elements to our selection of treatments and massages, La Maison Hélios offers you a unique cocooning experience.

Contact our team of experienced massage therapists at La Maison Hélios. They will evaluate your needs and take your preferences in consideration to recommend what is best suited to you and provide an incomparable experience.


470, route de la Mer
Sainte-Flavie (Québec) G0J 2L0


(418) 785-0382




Our massage therapists are knowledgeable and will recommend a treatment best suited to your needs. Whether your goal is overall wellness, relaxing your muscles or releasing any tensions, feeling more energized or even getting a prenatal massage, our specialists are experts at making sure you feel totally refreshed afterwards.


Made with seaweed and essential oils, our body wraps offer the qualities needed to prolong your relaxation experience. Body wraps also provide skin hydration and have revitalization properties.


For the ultimate relaxation experience, discover our bath and its complete selection of essential oils. Let the aromas take you away and enjoy the many natural benefits of the oils.


The first impression people have when they see us, what they see first is our face. Taking care of your skin is so important. Our facials focus on a ritual of deep cleansing for your skin: exfoliation, blackhead extraction and the applications of creams and lotions. We want your face to radiate health, joy and vitality!


Foot treatments focus specifically on your feet’s corns and calluses, cracks and dry skin. Feet are definitively one of the most important parts of the human body as they carry and support us. Give them all the attention they deserve by taking good care of them!


Taking care of our nails is also important. Our manicures focus mostly on beautifying your hands by pushing back cuticles, filing your nails and hydrating your hands. Choose from our large selection of nail polish colours for an expert application at the end.


Tell us about your preferred hair removal technique and our esthetician will provide the treatment that best meets your needs.