What to do in Gaspésie so as not to miss anything in this beautiful place? We offer three circuits that offer a multitude of activities in the Gaspésie to discover the diversity of this splendid region! Here are some activities that we suggest during your stay.

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Foodie Tour

Gaspésie is also a bit of Tuscany, thanks to the Carpinteri family. The Carpinteri vineyard and its microclimate, suitable for growing vines, have made it possible to convert an old strawberry plant into a vineyard. During your visit, be sure to stop by their restaurant to taste Mediterranean cuisine, which will reveal a multitude of flavors from Italy. There are so many activities to do in Gaspésie and going to the Carpinteri Vineyard is a must see.

Visit a cheese farm on the coast, a great activity to do in Gaspésie. Come and discover a variety of cheeses, ranging from the Camembert-type pearl of the coast, to the lightness of Petit Blanchon, or the Rayon d’or, a St-Paulin-type cheese. Cheddar is available in blocks or grains and the Wreck is an aged cheddar. Add a stop at the Fromagerie du Littoral at your itinerary.

Hydromiellerie du Vieux Moulin is a family business that first devoted itself to the production of honey before embarking on the adventure of honey wine. Their fabulous wines have won several gold medals. Observation beehive, museum, boutique, warm decor in an ancestral mill, this stopover is full of heritage treasures from Nouvelle-France and exceptional First Nations artifacts. An epicurean, historical and cultural activity to do absolutely in Gaspésie!

From June to October, you have to go to the La Mitis public market to meet the producers of Gaspésie. In addition to the wide variety of authentic products offered, there are also picnic tables, a playground for children, sanitary facilities and a cycle path. Activities, site access and parking are free. This is a perfect activity for the whole family during your stay!

A relaxed atmosphere, a breathtaking landscape in an enchanting environment, this is what the Au Goût du Large restaurant offers you. Favoring local products, you will have the opportunity to discover new drinks carefully prepared by our staff. A unique moment to enjoy a magnificent sunset in good company!

Le Ketch microbrewery is without a doubt a must see. You can find a maritime and warm atmosphere in this establishment. In good weather, the microbrewery welcomes you on its magnificent terrace which offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. What could be better than savoring local beers while watching a sunset?

While maintaining its traditional recipes, Ma cabane en Gaspésie has continued to innovate and create new maple products including high-end syrups and gourmet products. A visit to the shop is a must, where all the products are created with their maple syrup.


Aventurer Tour

For an unforgettable hike with family, alone or with friends, you will find the ideal route among the many hiking trails in the Mitis River Park. From the Cape lookout, you can admire the beautiful landscape of the Mitis hinterland and watch the birds. The swamp trail, with its wooden walkway, is also a favorite spot. Do you prefer the beach? Follow the coastal path that will take you there. And don’t miss the Mitis bay located in the middle of the park cove. The perfect activity to enjoy nature during your visit!

Among the activities to do in the Gaspésie Peninsula, you should also discover the Parc du Mont Comi by taking one of its 11 hiking trails and chair-lift ride that wind through the forest along the mountain. At 575 meters high, the Parc du Mont Comi, which is part of the Appalachian Moutains, is home to exceptional flora and fauna that you will enjoy exploring.

At the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer, as soon as you pass the gates of Oniria, you will hear voices and music from the trees, the wind and the sky throughout your hike. Thanks to technology, which combines mystery and magic, the Portage trail transports its visitors into a fantastic universe. An essential experience to discover nature differently. A unique activity in Gaspésie!

More than 94 suspension bridges totaling 5,000 feet of air paths, this is what awaits you during your adventure in the forest of Maître Corbeau (Master Crow)! With more than 90 games, ranging from beginner to advanced, the adventure courses in the trees of this century-old forest are aimed at adventurers of all ages. Thrills guaranteed thanks to the Tarzan ropes, gangways, nets and giant zip lines. During your stay in the Gaspésie Peninsula, you must make a stop at this unique recreational tourism destination in North America, where you can have fun safely under the supervision of experienced guides.

The majestic Parc du Bic, located in the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence, is famous for the particular beauty of its capes, bays, coves, islands and mountains. You can admire sea birds, rare plants that bloom on rocky capes or seals lounging in the sun near the shore. Come and soak up the unique atmosphere of Parc du Bic while contemplating a sunset, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. A visit in Gaspésie would not be complete without stopping at Parc du Bic.


Artist Tour

Discover an exceptional place in the Métis Garden, where heritage and tradition have continued since 1926 within the Reford family. In many ways, the Métis Gardens are out of the ordinary, particularly because of their northern location and the harsh weather conditions that prevail there. Despite everything, nothing could have altered the flourishing or the development of the sumptuous gardens which are grouped into around twenty themes. There are exotic plants and rare species such as azaleas or blue poppies from Tibet. The Reford family favors the arts and culture by organizing a Festival and exhibitions every year. The Métis Gardens area has also set up a park so that the visitors can hike in an enchanting environment. A jewel of the Gaspésie to see absolutely!

While passing by Sainte-Flavie, do not miss the sculptures of the “Grand Rassemblement”. This work by Marcel Gagnon, composed of 80 life-size statues that emerge from the sea, is now associated with the landscape of Sainte-Flavie. You can also take the opportunity to visit the artist’s gallery-boutique.

The artist Serge Desbiens welcomes you to his art gallery, located in the heart of the village of Sainte-Flavie. The works of this painter are created, exhibited and sold on site. You can also see Mr. Desbiens painting there. Come and admire his paintings, often described as living, which express the life around him. A unique opportunity to meet a friendly and passionate artist!

Gallery of modern art and creation workshop, come and meet the artist Jean-Pierre Gagnon in his creation and exhibition space. Mr. Gagnon welcomes art lovers to his home in Ste-Flavie to share his artistic and human experience. Its products are created, designated and printed in the workshop itself in order to offer unparalleled choice and quality. Come and stop at the studio of painter Jean-Pierre Gagnon.

Located in the Old Presbytery dating from 1853, the Art Gallery of the Old Presbytery allows artists to publicize their works through the holding of exhibitions, activities and cultural events. The Art Gallery also presents recurring exhibitions: a group of artists from the Bas-Saint-Laurent region presents their exhibition each year and, at the end of July, the Artistes en Fête event will liven up the season and bring life to life to artists and visitors to activities during a colorful symposium. A great activity to discover the artists of the Gaspésie!

The Mont-Joli frescoes, arts and heritage circuit, is an invitation to discover the art of muralism in the heart of the city thanks to the frescoes that tell the story. The complex includes 36 stations spread across the city, with a first circuit concentrated in the city center which offers 23 interpretation stations and a second which is more concentrated at the tourism stop at the roundabout. Discover this corner of Gaspésie by walking in the city!